Föredrag från Sepawa Nordens konferens 6-7 maj, 2019

Krister Holmberg, SEPAWA Nordic

Jens Petersson, Emballator Växjöplast


Use, control and Practical hints and tips

Olof Forsberg and Johan Ekeroth, Nouryon

Preservative for

Home Care Applications

Open Plant Cleaning

Dr. Arend J. Kingma, BASF

Solutions to solvent replacement problems when formulating industrial cleaners

Biocides and BPR

Renate Borgman-Strachsen, Nouryon

Household Cleaning & Laundry Care

Trends and movements

the Sinner Circle

Where chemistry compensates the other elements of the sinner circle

Sabine Both, BTC Europe

Sustainable Procurement

Products for laundry and cleaning

Susanna Vesterlund, National Agency for Public Procurement

Environmental Marking

Products for laundry and cleaning

Birgit Kjaerside Storm

Trigger Sprays

Ready-to-Use Conclusions from a health focused study

Karin Lovén et.al. Lunds Universitet

Att skilja vetenskap från trams

Emma Frans, PhD