Föredrag från Sepawa Nordens konferens 4-5 maj, 2015

Eco friendly surfactants

MES for Laundry Detergents Alternative to LAS(Methyl Ester Sulphonate),

Hiroshi Kimura

Challenges with CLP and solutions

Challenges with CLP and solutions offered by AkzoNobel, Camilla Nyström Akzo Nobel

The GlucoPure Grades

A New Generation of sugar surfactants for home care applications, Dr. F. Schinle


The complement to a renovated 2nd generation of products for low temperature bleach in consumer and professional markets, Thorsten Pohl

Industrial and Institutional Cleaning

Food and Beverage Processing

Acidic cleaning for Dairy Industry

We bring sustainability to life

What does Sustainability mean? Werner & Mertz Group

Heavy-duty degreasers

Development of heavy-duty degreasers with low CLP labelling Micro emulsions Part II


Sophorolipids – A new class of Surfactants

Reducing our consumption of chemicals

Do we help the environment when we reduce our consumption of chemicals?

Anna Persson, Goodpoint AB

Efficiency tests of Ecolabelled products

Why? …and which tests are accepted?

Michael Kristensen Team Manager, Certification Ecolabelling Denmark

Update on the Biocidal Products Regulation(BPR)

Update on the Biocidal Products Regulation(BPR) Formulators, importers and distributors of disinfection products

Innovation Spark

Tools for Boosting Your Innovation

Peter Sandberg, Innovation Manager, SP


Ecolabels–green levers in the market, Per Ribbing