Föredrag 2017

Greener, Milder, Safer for Personal Care and HI&I Applications
David D. Anderson, President, Colonial Inc.

Pure Nordic Quality, surfactants designed for the Global Market
Christoffer Lund, PhD, Unger Fabrikker A.S.

Update on BPR from a supplier view
Marianne Lyngsaa, Brenntag Nordic A/S

STEPOSOL MET 10U: A Green surfactant solution to solvent replacement
Nadine Canard and Mathilde Priso, Stepan Europe SAS

Performance improvement in hand dishwashing liquids
Katrijn Uyttersprot, EOC Surfactants

Exilva – New technology for natural rheology modifiers based on microfibrillated cellulose
Rebecka Blell, PhD, Research scientist

High-performance packages for rust preventatives & corrosion inhibitors
Johannes von Cossel, Additiv-Chemie GmbH

Ready-to-use triggers – evaluation from a health perspective
Karin Lovén, Lund University

Hand dish wash detergents with enzymes : Burnt in no problem
Bitten Plesner, PhD, Industry Technology Specialist, Novozymes A/S

Update on disinfectants under the BPR
Business Development Manager Michael Fink, DHI, Biocides and Pesticides

Chelates and the basics of cleaning
Technical Development Manager Chelates Jan Seetz, Akzo nobel Functional Chemicals B.V.

Reach for Cleaners – the 2018 deadline
Head of Projects, phd, Jens Tørsløv, DHI – Enviroment and Toxicology

Requirements for Chemicals in Public Tenders
Birgit Kjærside Storm, Chemical Engineer – University of Aalborg

New possibilities for optimized cleaning and disinfection at the RISE testbed Cleaning Innovation
Mikael Kjellin, RISE Research Institute of Sweden

Bioplast – possibilities today and in future!
Bjarne Högström, FKUR